Easy relocation to Amiens

Are you an expat moving to Amiens ?

To make your expat life easier, we propose you a personnalized support so you relocate efficiently and effectively with minimum stress. Our Accueil-mobilité department will help you find an accomodation, navigate bureaucracy (visa, bank, healthcare application, etc.) and facilitate your integration by helping you meet new people.

Our Accueil-mobilité department can answer all your questions, help you through any issue and give you solutions.

If you are an expatriate and need support, don't hesitate to contact us!

Delphine TAVERNIER (+33) 03 22 82 21 60



Are you still hesitating about moving to Amiens ?
Discover 10 good reasons to settle in Amiens !

Find the booklet in English here.





House hunting
The very first step of relocation is to find an accommodation in your next city. Our service helps you identify areas to live in that suit your lifestyle and budget and set up the visits. We’ll assist you during your visit day as well as with any other steps (signing the contract, inventory state, home insurance, electricity&gaz contract). Documents required : ID or passport, work contract, home insurance, guarantee, deposit (one month rent).

Visa, bank & administration
There are several French visa types including employment and family visas. According to your visa, you have to go to the OFII or to the Prefecture. You'll find some helpful documents here.
Once you have an accommodation, you can open a French bank account. Don't hesitate to contact us so we can help you choose the best option for you, set up an appointment and assist during your meeting if needed. Documents required : ID or passport with visa, work contract, proof of address.


Social security and healthcare

After three months of established residency in France, you're eligible for the  French national healthcare. To obtain your social security number&Carte Vitale card, you have to fill in this form in and prepare some documents : ID or passport, work contract + last payslips, original multilingual birth certificate or a translated one by a French translator recognized by the Consulate, proof of address (electricity bill, home insurance..), bank details.

If your spouse or children need the social security too, you need to fill in this form and prepare those documents three months after your arrival : ID or passport, original multilingual birth certificate or a translated one by a French translator recognized by the Consulate, three last months proof of address.

You can find on the web page ameli-direct an inventory of all the doctors and health establishments.

If you need a doctor, make sure you choose the one who speaks English. Contact us to get the Amiens' English-speaking doctors list. You can arrange a visit on the Doctolib platform as well.


Education of your children
If you need a helping hand to choose a school for your children, public or a private one, we can bring you our support setting appointments with directors to visit the establishments and get more information about educational system. If you prefer your children to stay home, a babysitter might be a good option as well ! We can provide you a list of babysitters recommended by our Service. 

Language training
To become integrated in the city and make your life simplier, it's more convenient to pick up the language. Each Monday, our Service organize free weekly French conversation sessions for you or your spouse. Contact us to join the group ! You can also join the Language Café events in Baobar (on Wednesday at 6.30 p.m.) or take a private lessons with one of our recommended tutors or at a language school.

Do you wonder how to meet new people and make friends in a new city? Each month we organise an event (cocktail reception, museum visit, hockey game..) for all newcomers. There are also regular meetings where foreign new citizens and French families who lived abroad can meet and exchange. If you’re under 30 y.o. you’ll be invited to an integration, sport or cultural young event as well. Make sure you don’t miss the next one and keep up-to-date with our events and news ! Check out the photos of our events here.
Jogging, cinema, languages any many others.. Choose one of our groups and meet new people by picking up a hobby!

Volunteering opportunity near you



If you have some spare time and you want to connect to your community and make it a better place, you can join one of the associations in Amiens. It's a perfect way to develop new skills and knowledge but also to give something back to your community!

Check the website of Maison des associations of Amiens Métropole.


We helped them





           “I am Deepthi. [...] Accueil-Mobilité department [...] took up my file immediately & helped me find a house, [...] provided Visale letter & helped me throughout the process of looking for apartment, finalizing the contract & even helped with translating the document, line-by-line. [...] I was assisted with opening a bank account [...], registering for a house insurance, electricity for the apartment, internet connection. [...] I can’t thank CCI enough for making me feel welcome in this country. If not for them, moving into France would have been very difficult to adjust. Very happy to have known them. I will definitely recommend CCI to other expats.”



My name is John, and I came to Amiens to work in a local startup as a project manager. Even before coming to Amiens, the Accueil-mobilité department has contacted me and asked some basic questions, which led them to create a file with my demands that helped me find my new apartment in a few days. I recommend contacting them since they are accurate, compassionate, and efficient. Moving to Amiens was easy, thanks to them.


“[…] The support we received from the CCI made our transition from the UK easier and more relaxed! This allowed us to focus on the move and settling our 4 children into a new city and a new school. […] Everything is done with a focus on helping new people to the city integrate easier – and it works!  I would recommend anyone moving to, or new to the city of Amiens to contact the CCI. Thank you for all your help!” 

Kathryn, arrived to Amiens in 2019, member of the French conversation Group